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The Flavour of the meal begins with your eyes.

Layering Flavours

Intimate Catering At It's Finest!

Meet the Chef

Chef Bill brings 30 plus years of hands on experience in everything from pastries & center plate to professional catering and custom boutique menu design.

Intimate Catering

We are more than your caterer, we want to provide a custom menu for your next gathering to bring the event to life with remarkable layers of flavour.

Flavour Explosion

Food with integrity and creativity that is made from scratch. Bill’s food is nourishes the taste buds and your spirit and the proof is in the eating.

Chef Bill’s food has to be tasted to be believed!  Bill provided exquisite cuisine for our gathering where the conversation was always lively and oh yeah … it was all about the food! Bill created 5 star food on location to make the time together memorable and magical.  Oh yeah … he is also quite charming and personable.  Seeing is not believing … tasting & experiencing … that is believing.

Hannah Hartley

VIP Chef Experience

Thank you Bill – we had our team gathering for 15 and you truly took the day to another level.  Your attention to service, the quality and the details were exquisite.  Your program for custom menus and also meals meals made for home dining … yeah … I will be back!  Thank you again for everything and you really are the consummate chef and a great guy!

Richard Sammons

Job Role, Company

Intimate Catering

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